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  • Objectives
    * To understand the various steps in Program development.
    * To understand the basic concepts in C Programming Language.
    * To learn how to write modular and readable C Programs
    * To learn to write programs (using structured programming approach) in C to solve problems.
    * To introduce the students to basic data structures such as lists, stacks and queues.
    * To make the student understand simple sorting and searching methods.
    UNIT - I
         Introduction to Computers – Computer Systems, Computing Environments, Computer Languages, Creating and running programs, Program Development. Introduction to the C Language – Background, C Programs, Identifiers, Types, Variables, Constants, Input / Output, Operators(Arithmetic, relational, logical, bitwise etc.), Expressions, Precedence and Associativity, Expression Evaluation, Type conversions, Statements- Selection Statements(making decisions) – if and switch statements, Repetition statements ( loops)-while, for, do-while statements, Loop examples, other statements related to looping – break, continue, goto, Simple C Program examples.
    UNIT - II
         Functions-Designing Structured Programs, Functions, user defined functions, inter function communication, Standard functions, Scope, Storage classes-auto, register, static, extern, scope rules, type qualifiers, recursion- recursive functions, Limitations of recursion, example C programs, Preprocessor commands. Arrays – Concepts, using arrays in C, inter function communication, array applications, two – dimensional arrays, multidimensional arrays, C program examples.
    UNIT - III
         Pointers – Introduction (Basic Concepts), Pointers for inter function communication, pointers to pointers, compatibility, Pointer Applications-Arrays and Pointers, Pointer Arithmetic and arrays, Passing an array to a function, memory allocation functions, array of pointers, programming
    applications, pointers to void, pointers to functions. Strings – Concepts, C Strings, String Input / Output functions, arrays of strings, string manipulation functions, string /data conversion, C program examples.
    UNIT - IV
         Enumerated, Structure ,and Union Types– The Type Definition(typedef), Enumerated types, Structures –Declaration, initialization, accessing structures, operations on structures, Complex structures, structures and functions, Passing structures through pointers, self referential structures, unions, bit fields, C programming examples, command –line arguments, Input and Output – Concept of a file, streams, text files and binary files, Differences between text and binary files, State of a file, Opening and Closing files, file input / output functions (standard library input / output functions for files), file status functions (error handling), Positioning functions, C program examples.
    UNIT – V
         Searching and Sorting – Sorting- selection sort, bubble sort, Searching-linear and binary search methods. Lists- Linear list – singly linked list implementation, insertion, deletion and searching operations on linear list, Stacks- Push and Pop Operations, Queues- Enqueue and Dequeue operations.
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    2. Programming in C. P. Dey and M Ghosh , Oxford University Press.
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